Saturday, October 28, 2017


Who doesn't love Diwali ? 
I love it. I love everything about it, even the firecrackers (some), sorry but yes.

This year I finished my office-work and all other freelance projects 4 or 5 days before Diwali  and took a staycation , so that was really a perfect timing. Then I was a helping hand in my mom's home-work, cleaning the entire house was one the tasks, and I did a good job there, so she's happy and so was I.

Later that week after completed the home-work, watched favorite trilogy of Back to the Future with brother dear and enjoyed that like hell with mom's homemade Pharaal. ( that's the stuff! )

Then we did some mandatory shopping too for Diwali. So, as you can understand that I really was enjoying every second of the festival, which I always do actually, and wasn't really expecting anything at all.

But then the Noah Klocek's new book I had pre-ordered in last month, which was supposed to arrived on 30th Oct, Surprisingly I received it on the first day of Diwali. And the book is absolutely fantastic, so that was like icing on a cake !

But wait, that was not all for me, on the third day of Diwali I received the Tinkle Issue with my Cover Illustration on it. and just like every-time, when I received the courier and saw my illustration on diwali issue it felt soo good. That was just like a mini cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sunday of awesomeness. How can I ask for anything else !
I mean C'mon!! ~❤~

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Look around anywhere,
If you like colourful ambiance, festive mood, happy and good vibes, all well dressed crowd around you there for shopping, minding their own business, but if  happen to cross each other's path, apart from "Sorry" strangers also will say "Happy Diwali" to you with a smile on their face !  And trust me it feels sooo good.

Another Greeting for this year's Diwali.
The most happiest time of the year !

P.S: I hate that, this year pouring rain dampen the festive mood. But it's okay, guess he also wanted to attend the festival. but hoping now not to meet him till next year !


Saturday, April 22, 2017


When you go to the book store or newspaper/book stalls, cover design is the main thing that attracts you towards the book.

When it comes to the comics, cover illustration is really important factor because that's how it attracts the reader, that's how reader picks up the book literally in their hands and wonder what's inside! At least how it works on me!

I have bought countless comics and books just because I loved the cover more than the content inside.
I always try to remember this whenever I get the opportunity to work on any cover design, ( that my illustration should attract at least one person like me who will buy the book because of the Cover ! :P )

Recently ACK gave me that opportunity with Tinkle issues. Here are the covers. Not sure whether I'm succeeded or not, but really enjoyed working on these ! 

Saturday, March 18, 2017


TINKLE : Cover Illustration | Poster Design   

Writing is a tough job in itself, I know.
And when a writer writes a story or a concept, an artist has to create a visual on paper, meaning they create something what is in else's mind.
And for me, that  is so fascinating !

When it comes to designing a cover for a story book or a novel or a movie poster, Artist has to show the entire story in brief through one Visual. Then viewers/readers immediately get the idea and understand what that story is about or the characters in it and the story genre, etc.

There are lot of artists who I admire for doing the best job in this field. You should check Kilian Eng, Mark Raats, Noah KlocekSergey Kolesov and many more.

Fortunately, apart from the comic-stories, lot of times ACK gives me the opportunity to work on Single-page, Full-page and Double-spread Illustrations and Covers. Needless to say that I enjoy that a lot!

Here are some of the illustrations.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


I've been so much busy last few months. So I just wanted to update the blog. Apart from my office work, I am working on my own comics story and children's story book.

Anyway, this is a random illustration I did yesterday when I wasn't doing anything at all.
and really enjoyed working on this one ! :)

Thursday, December 31, 2015


This year was something else for me. Though it just came and gone like the wind, Still, many things happened and for so many reasons I can not forget 2015 ever !

Happy New Year 
to everyone. :)

Friday, November 13, 2015


Started working on our own comics story last month.
will complete the entire story by December.
But I'm glad at least this time we are working constantly on this apart from our jobs.

Uploading here the very first panel from the very first story.
Can not publish characters or story name here !