Saturday, May 24, 2014


This is the cover illustration for the children's story book which i have recently done. I really really enjoyed working on this project. The story is about the little kid who's name is PUGS, and his adventure trip to Japan. A Short - Fun Story. 

About the illustration, I am pretty much happy with what i have done here. I guess because, I surprisingly have succeeded to show what i had in my mind. and it's suitable for the story ( that's what I feel! )

• Now for those who thinks this looks little bit like Pascal Campion's Style :  If you think that, then I am really glad. because, Yes, I am an ardent follower of  Mr.Campion. 

• For those who are wondering who is Pascal Campion : Please check out his extraordinarily amazing artworks here:

• And if someone thinks it doesn't look like Pascal Campion's Style : then I'd be super-glad ! 


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