Monday, November 3, 2014

TINKLE | COVER : Celebrating Children's Day 

"You love chocolates since you were a kid.
Imagine what if you become a part of a chocolate factory ?!
How would you feel ?! 

"Yeah. I understand."

That kind of a feeling I have since I started working with Tinkle.
And I am really a small part of the team.

The point is, I remember those days when I used to read Tinkle while having lunch and dinner. I was 11 or 12 I guess. I loved all the stories they had that time. Well, Shikari Shambhu by Vasant Halbe and Supandi by Ram Waeerkar were my favorites. There were also lots of other comics I used to read. DC, Marvel etc. 
and I literally had this dream that someday I would love to do exactly like this kind of a comic-story artwork!

Somehow, it happened.  Now working with Tinkle as a Comics Artist is something I always wanted to do.

I have done some covers before, for other story-books. But this is the first time I got the opportunity to do the Cover illustration for Tinkle Digest. And when courier arrived at home and when I saw my own illustration on the Cover, well, that felt ..
..sooo damn good.

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