Monday, February 9, 2015

COVER  Illustration : T I N K L E 

Concept was : 'Reading Books' is one of the interesting things. When you read books, you can step into entirely different world. where everything is possible !

Once again I got an opportunity of doing the cover illustration. And this time it was for Magazine. There were lots of corrections, changes and then more corrections had to be done, in short this illustration went through many surgeries. :P

But really I enjoyed working on this one. Because, my first composition was very different, actually composition was pretty much same but the entire color scheme /ambiance was different. It was a 'Night time'. And in silly way I thought it should be the final one ! 

Then my boss guided me several times, He then also told me how the composition and characters should be! So half of the credit goes to him!

And after I changed it, I understood the difference. My first composition was too much static.
So here it is ! >

For me drawing is just like reading books, lot of times I draw the characters, scenes from the stories or even from the movies I have watched, just for fun. it feels good and literally gives me a peace. I could step into other world by draw something on a blank paper. 

So I guess, printed story telling words on paper for readers, and a huge bundle of blank papers for all artists ! 

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