Saturday, March 18, 2017


TINKLE : Cover Illustration | Poster Design   

Writing is a tough job in itself, I know.
And when a writer writes a story or a concept, an artist has to create a visual on paper, meaning they create something what is in else's mind.
And for me, that  is so fascinating !

When it comes to designing a cover for a story book or a novel or a movie poster, Artist has to show the entire story in brief through one Visual. Then viewers/readers immediately get the idea and understand what that story is about or the characters in it and the story genre, etc.

There are lot of artists who I admire for doing the best job in this field. You should check Kilian Eng, Mark Raats, Noah KlocekSergey Kolesov and many more.

Fortunately, apart from the comic-stories, lot of times ACK gives me the opportunity to work on Single-page, Full-page and Double-spread Illustrations and Covers. Needless to say that I enjoy that a lot!

Here are some of the illustrations.

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