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The Adventures of Pugs in Japan :

I really enjoy whenever I work for children's book illustrations. This was short story book I did last year. Have a look.

The HINDU ( Newspaper ) : 
Bug Boy 

I work for a newspaper called The HINDU as a freelance illustrator. Here are some of the published illustrations done for the column BugBoy.

Bug Boy is about a kid who's expressing his point of views and feelings about the things happening around him everyday, at his home with his parents, with his little pesky brother, at school and with school-teachers, basically everything !
Fun read column you can check out on every Saturday in The HINDU's Young World.

Chandrapahad :

An adventure-mystery novel. published by Jyotsna Prakashan.
Really enjoyed working on this one. first time I used this Black and White-Pen&Ink stylization for commission work.

Inspired by Franklin Booth and Nicolas Delort
Have a look on their amazing artworks. 
* after clicking those links, you are not coming back to my blog, seriously !  :D

Children's Book Illustrations | Online Story Book :

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