Solar Energy

Now relax, this column has nothing to do with 'actual' solar energy system.
nothing at all.  :)

I'm gonna upload some information about some Artists, I respect them from the bottom of my heart. They are my Favorites. to me, they are Legends. they are my IDOLS and GURUS !!
They had Ideas, had Dreams, and  they believed in themselves when many others did not. And, today we see them, at the top of the world but still, they are down-to-earth.
They are my Inspiration. They are my  Solar Energy..

This page is created for information about
Artists , Animators, Animation, Sketching, Illustration, Painting, Art and 
everything related to this.

first of all,

 It's fun to do the impossible.."
( 5 December 1901 - 15 December 1966 )

"Do I really need to tell you 
       about this person ?"

- Visionary
(14 May 1944 )
Creator of STAR WARS.

Lucas is a Writer, Editor, Producer, Director -Filmmaker. The founder / chairman of  Lucasfilm ltd. Best known for his best sci-fi movie - STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES 

"Believe in the Character,
Animate with Sincerity"
Glen Keane
 (13 April 1954 )

Glen Keane is an Animator from Disney's Studio. he's done some best Characters like, 'The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The BEAST (Beauty and the Beast), Pocahontas, Tarzan, Silver( Treasure Planet ), He has tremendous mastery on Figure Drawing.
his pencil and charcoal handling is just inexplicable..,  BAM !! 
his amazing Artwork you can see on his blog
My most most most favorite !!

"There is something in everything"
Pascal Campion
   (13 October  )

Though i haven't met him yet in person I can surely tell you that, Pascal Campion is not only a phenomenal artist, but I feel he is also the most down to earth person ever ! 
Plus, his art is simply unstoppable. 

Professional Illustrator and Animator.
he has got power of Observation and visualization.
If you don't know him yet, then you are missing something amazing.
google him.

" It's not if you can't do it, 
it's if you want to do it. . . 
Sean Galloway

This Comics Artist-Illustrator and Animator who has a really good sense of Composition and color scheme . Worked and designed so many characters, including The Spectacular Spiderman. You can see the classic level of simplification and amazing draftsmanship in his drawings

Sergio Aragones
- Great Person :)
( 6 September 1937 )

He is a cartoonist. best know for Mad Magazine. Simply great command on Pencil work, classic figure drawing and Top level of HUMOR.., these all things we can see in his each one drawing. He has written a story of Comic book series called Groo the WandererHe won every major Award, including the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award, and the Will Eisner Hall of Fame Award. 


Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes is a comics artist. amazing figure drawing. and fantastic design sense. He has got mastery on female figure drawing.

Alex Ross

Alex Ross is a Comics artist. He has got an extraordinary command on watercolor application. Amazing artist.

Oscar Martin
Oscar Martin is one of the best comics artists. he works for Disney Comics, Tom & Jerry and his own comics called SOLO. I love his style! his pencil drawing, inking and the way he colors!!
If you haven't seen his work:

Andrea Freccero
Andrea Frecerro
I idolize him since i saw his artwork of  Double Duck.
Double Duck is seriously awesome.
I follow his work. really love his work process/steps. His drawings and Inked pages are amazing. also his characters, color schemes, compositions and page layouts are really fantastic !

In short, i really like his style. and want to learn and do something like that.

Brittney Lee
Brittney Lee is an exceptionally talented artist. She works for Disney studio.
She is an Illustrator. And much popular for her paper cutting-craft Illustrations.
I think she has really a colorful vision, her aesthetic sense is extraordinary.
If you haven't seen her work, then go through this :