"I just love it !" 

"When I look at my idols Glen keaneJohn Ripa, or Pascal Campion, I realize that they never stop!.. literally Never!!  They always study, They are always observing the world. Everything, Every time and Every single moment !, and that's how they never 'Stop".

I think, Observation is the part of study, But you have to take it as a separate subject. And of course Sketching! Any type of sketching is the best study for improvement.
And, 'Live sketching' is one of the most interesting. Whenever I get free time, I try to go for outdoor sketching. It brings me peace. seriously !


Two years back I got this chance to do realistic sketches as Illustrations for the book-late design. And I chose live sketching instead of doing sketches by given photographs. Needless to say that I really enjoyed working on that project.

Uploading one sketch here :

© Sahil Upalekar

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